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Nationally, a campaign for Youth Pregnancy & Parenthood Awareness would include:

• Comprehensive sex education (K-12) that focuses on health risk as well as the mental, social, behavioral, and emotional effects that come with having a sexual relationship too early;

• Resources that describe the socio-economic impact on teen parent families and the community if we fail to eliminate barriers that lead to generational pregnancy and poverty;

• Provide school administrators tools and education to identify students who show signs of risky sexual behaviors, trauma, or have discussed adverse childhood experiences that would encourage an early sexual relationship; and

• Community conversations to propose and implement initiatives to support young families.   

Are you a parent, educator, or caregiver who needs help having the conversation? Learn more

Youth Pregnancy & Parenthood Awareness Day event and conversation, "The Talk."

These panelists shared their personal and professional opinions with parents, caregivers, and educators regarding sex and sexual health.


Host: Khrys Styles, Education Specialist

Dr. Rosemary Stein, Pediatrician & Family Expert (North Carolina)
Michael Johnson, CEO Boys & Girls Club Dane County, Wisconsin

Ericka L. Copeland, CEO Cincinnati Youth Copeland (Ohio)

Youth pregnancy awareness.jpg

The talk

Articles to help talk with your teens about sex and healthy relationships


Having the talk about STD's & STI


Talking to your child about sexual abuse and seeking help

Resources if your child may be pregnant

Pregnancy help

Resources for your child for STD & STI Testing



Resources for your if they are in an abusive relationship

Abuse Help 

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