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Meaning of Levi

Levi means joined or together. Levi was created to bring families together through education and fun. Levi understands that when families unite leaders are made, communities thrive and children achieve better academically.


Levi and STEM

Levi learned that in Ohio and other states children in low-income areas are sometimes academically challenged in the areas of STEM. Levi created activities and tools that would introduce children to stem at the earliest stages of development. 


Book Levi

All work and no play makes Levi an angry lion. Well, Levi decided not everyday is a work or school day. Book him for corporate events, birthday parties, and more. Just Call 513-813-8336. 


  1. Children who learn STEAM concepts throughout their education are better prepared to meet increasingly technology-focused professional requirements.

  2. STEAM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.

  3. Activities that focus the STEAM disciplines help children learn through trial and error by experimenting and problem solving.

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Levi's Learning Lab

Levi's Learning Lab

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