Rosemary's Babies Company was birthed by founder Rosemary Oglesby-Henry. She used her life experiences as a teen parent, education in Leadership, and personal trauma to create a resource for teen parents. 


In 2013, after realizing that in the years it took her child to grow up, teen parents were still facing many of the obstacles she faced when she was a young parent in their position. She knew a solution to this problem would be to provide resources, education, and life skills to teen parents first hand as she had done with family and friends. With the goal being to provide help in navigating the difficulties of teen parenthood from a generational perspective, she began building on this dream deferred.


Five years after conception, Rosemary’s Babies Company is growing. In the first years of its existence, it has aided hundreds of teens through hotline services, emergency care, and programs aimed at helping teen parents build their legacy. Rosemary’s Babies Co. exists to model a path to success for teen parenthood.


Our mission is to help teen parents master the concepts of self-leadership to leave a legacy.


Our vision is to be a nationwide support system with a network of resources in states with a high population of teen parents.


Integrity. Respect. Transparency. Leadership. Equity.

Our Guiding Principles

Experience will drive our work.

Innovation will be a critical in driving business ventures and responding to needs of youth.


Civility will empower our team and youth to advocate for a just and equitable society for positive life outcomes.


Family centered decision-making will improve changing strategies and approaches that are critical to empowering adolescent families. 

Rosemary's Babies Company Board of Leaders

Anne Flottman, Trustee

Beverly Bokovitz, Trustee

Catrina Jones, Esq., Trustee

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Aswad Mack

Sub-Board Chair

Laurie Stevens

Board Chair 

Cheryl Lackey

Board Treasurer

Rodsha Belser

Board Secretary

2013 - 2016

RBC was officially established in 2013. 

RBC from 2013-2016, researched strength-based and evidence-based approaches to develop a program and support that resolves generational barriers.


Rosemary's Babies opened it's doors November 7, 2016.



Rosemary's Babies was one of twelve non-profits chosen to partner with United Way to address childhood poverty.


Rosemary's Babies launched our Levi the Leadership Lion program that educates kids in the area of stem, leadership, and arts. Our logo was trademarked.



Rosemary's Babies opened at its new location 4439 Reading Road.  Agency expanded services to in-person programming.



RBC was recognized by Cincy Magazine at Non-profit of the Year Best Parent/Childbirth Resource.


Rosemary's Babies CEO  recognized as Non-profit Director of the Year by Smart Business Magazine for our innovative social enterprise and non-profit model. 

RBC received it's largest donation of $184K from the City of Cincinnati investing in housing for teenage parents. 



 Rosemary's Babies Co. | 4439 Reading Road  Suite 107 Cincinnati Ohio 45229 | | 513.813.8336

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