is how you live and what you leave behind

R. Oglesby-Henry



is how you motivate others to accomplish goals

Our Leadership & Legacy Program  focuses on the following core areas:

Parenting, Education, Technology, Arts, Leadership, and Social determinants.


Through our Leadership & Legacy Program, we create a plan for the family focusing on the core areas of our P.E.T.A.L.S. track. Families commit to one year of continuous support. Learn more


The Plan

A road map to reach a targeted goal (Long-term & short-term) The plan includes providing a tablet to each family with specific support for the family.

Petals Outlook

Workforce development training & assistance with college admissions

Confidant Care

Access to emergency transportation, emergency car seats, petals pantry (diapers, grocery, baby items), Crib Program

Seeds to Inspire

Parenting sessions on Tuesday Nights. We discuss professional, personal, and parenting. 

Trauma-informed Care 

Resources & Counseling

Peer2Peer Support

Financial Support

The Σ of Finance & Health

Educational series for families that allows families to receive $250 in Emergency Savings. Learn more


by people who were teen parents

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Program Outcomes

  • Ensure teen parents have a healthy transition from child to parent, and child to adult

  • Ensure teen parent families have an understanding of finance and health 

  • Increase graduation rates and secondary education programs

  • Ensure teen parent families are living healthier lives mentally & physically 

  • Increase teen parent families understand their responsibility for the care and well-being of their child and their futures

  • Introduce children to stem at the earliest stage of development

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