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Cost:  $0 for the family


Age: 13-20, must be a teen parent


Teen Commitment:  The program is based on a 6-month commitment from families. Teens commit to one hour of work per month.  The max participants are 25 per calendar year.  Teens commit to completing the program and at completion agreeing to open a savings account adding (if possible) $5 per week for 6 months at minimum $5 per month; Savings $500 included $250 from RBC. 

RBC Commitment: RBC is committed to ensuring you have the tools and resources you need to be successful.  Additionally, we will supply each family a tablet (if needed) to stay current with monthly assignments. At the end of your session, we will help each teen to open a savings account with $250


Programming:  Sessions will be both in-person and virtual. There will be review questions that MUST be submitted after the completion of each learning session

Instructors will contact you during the sessions for updates on learning. 


Financial literacy includes money management, budgeting, tax education, finance, and wealth.  


Healthy lifestyle literacy includes the impact finance plays on your health, relationships, physical health, and emotional well-being.  This focus area will discuss sexual health as well as the health of the baby.

Want to learn more? Contact Cheryl Lackey at or 513.813.8336.

AHORRO con molinos de varillas (3.10 MINS)
Después de ver este video, complete el cuestionario
Después de ver este video, complete el cuestionario
Maximice su $ con Jaliah Oglesby (2 minutos)

El objetivo de esta serie educativa de (6) meses, La suma de las finanzas y la salud, es educar a los padres adolescentes y sus familias en las áreas de salud y finanzas. El programa está adaptado para abordar las barreras que enfrentan las familias. La serie incorpora actividades, aprendizaje virtual y el establecimiento de metas tanto a corto como a largo plazo en estas áreas específicas.  

Cheryl Lackey, Facilitadora

C. Lackey es un profesional contable de la ciudad de Cincinnati. Ha sido voluntaria de RBC desde 2017. Si tiene preguntas sobre este programa, comuníquese con ella en

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