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Coming Soon in 2024

Barriers Don't Break US

We are here, "Everthing will be okay."

Holloway House & Resource Center will be a managed site for teen parent families. Our new 6,900 sq ft. facility will house all of our current operations, provide business and educational resources, and provide supportive housing for teen moms and their babies; additionally, a state-of-the-art STE3AM lab that will serve the community.

RBC's Supportive Housing will be a highly integrated system of living arrangements and professional care management services that provides parenting teens a safe place to live, 24-hour access to caring adults, and connections to community resources that provide share responsibility plans.


This system helps young parents develop the necessary life skills and secure resources needed to maintain housing throughout adulthood. Supportive housing programs can be more effective when young parents shape and direct their future in partnership with case managers and other key staff.

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Here's how we
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Non-Profit of the Year 5 Years in a Row 

The HH Collective

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A Best in Class Facility
Built by the Best

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From a Blueprint... To Reality

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What's Inside?





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