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Rosemary's Babies Company Celebrates 


Because of you - RBC BLOSSOMS

Rosemary's Babies Co. has come so far in our efforts to bring the voice of teen parents and their families to the forefront. The days of ostracizing these children and their babies are over. We, like our babies, have blossomed, and together we are doing the “heart work” and the “hard work. This year we partnered with state, city, and out-of-state leaders like Cheryl Polote Williamson, Groundwork Ohio, Pritzker Foundation and the Grantmakers for Girls to address the resources teen parents need to be successful. Further, to create a pathway to improve systems that pose undue stress on their path to success.  In 2021, our organization expanded our office space, increased both staff and revenue, as well as launched our capital project to provide housing support for homeless teen parents (Holloway House & Resource Center). 


In 2022, our goal is to acquire a new facility, implement new programs in partnership with Children's Hospital Medical Center and Fifth Third Bank. Finally, continue to advocate for the care and wellbeing of families collaboratively through the Cincinnati Cabinet for Families and Children, Groundwork Ohio, Human Services Chamber, UWGC, and others. There is still more work to be done and after five years, RBC is still all-in! We encourage you to join us in our efforts to change their outlook by changing the outlook. 






2021 Cincy Magazine Best in Parenting/Childbirth Resources

2021 Recognition House of Representatives by Sedrick Denson

2021 Champion of Change Cradle Cincinnati

2021 Women of Inspiration Finalist 

2021 Women's History Month | Radio One &  Cincy R&B 100.3

2021 Pillar of the Community  | Walker Funeral Home & Radio One

Articles Faces of Cincinnati | Cincy Magazine | Ready, Set, Soar Ohio | Champions for Change

Video International Women's Day 

2021 Results

372 Teen Parents Served | 392 babies

In 2021, RBC served 372 teen parent families through our organization. RBC served 45 teen parents and their 50 babies through our Award-winning Leadership & Legacy Program.

Revenue $307,393 | Expenses $237,174

RBC has shown a continuous increase in revenue since its inception. This increase resulted from our increased marketing, focused efforts seeking grant opportunities, and our amazing 5th Anniversary Gala that resulted in our organization raising $125,000+. RBC individual donor  contributions increased by 330%

In-kind $21,232

Rosemary's Babies Co. appreciates those who continue to support our organization with in-kind professional services and supplies. Your donations help us to better serve our families. 

Volunteer Hours 1,800 Hours

Rosemary's Babies Co. team is compromised of paid staff, contractors, and more than 65 volunteers who contributed more than 1,800 hours of their time to support our mission.  

CONGRATULATIONS Rosemary's Babies Co. 

revenue and expense chart.png

Holloway House Campaign 44% to goal at year-end due to an Act Of Kindness 
Cheryl Magazine


of 100 teens who contacted RBC

Neighborhood     #Served

Roselawn                          6

Kentucky                           9

Bond Hill                        10

College Hill                     10

Winton Hills                   10

Avondale                          15

Westside                          20

Ohio area                         20

Parental Status    #Served

Pregnant                          35

Parenting                         65

Age                          #Served

Under 14                         2

Age 15                              3

Age 16                              5

Age 17                              24

Age 18                              23

Age 19                              26

Over 20 yrs                     17

Housing Status    #Served

Homeless | At Risk       12

Live w/ parents              65

Live independently       18

Foster                                5

For questions regarding the 2021 Annual Report Contact RBC at

2021 & Previous Reports

For questions regarding the 2020 Annual Report Contact RBC at

2020 & Previous Reports

For questions regarding the 2019 Annual Report Contact RBC at

2019 & Previous Reports

The Secret of Living is Giving

Rosemary's Babies Co. would like to thank our donors, sponsors, and Friends of RBC.


In 2021, 75 businesses and 262 friends supported our efforts in Changing the Outlook for

372 Families and 392 Babies

All In Cincinnati

American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.


Anonymous through GCF

Arts For Science

Baldwin Grove Resident Council

Beverly Grant through GCF

Blank Rome

Blissful Days LLC

Calabey Enterprises

Center for Closing the Health Gap

Chambliss & Associates


Cheryl Magazine

Chief of Staff - Judge Janaya Trotter Bretton

Christ Church Cathedral

Cincinnati Development Fund

Cincinnati Kiwanis Club Foundation Inc

Cochran Firm

Community Shares

Compass Community Church

Doing Good LLC

Eppley Legal Group

Evenflo Company, Inc.

Fifth Third Bank - the Foundation

First Financial

Giving Black Circle

Grantmakers for Girls

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Goal Setters Intl - I Am Your Voice

Gold Fish Swim School

Hamilton County Drug Court Judge

Ingage Partners

Inner City Management

Interact for Health

IV-CHARIS | Back2Basics

J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation

Just 4 Kids Learning Center LLC]

KDB & Assoc Consulting Srvcs

Koch Enterprises - Koch Foundation

Made You Look Promotions

Mainstay Suites & Comfort Inn Suites University – Downtown

Marathon Petroleum

Mariette L Wade Consulting, LLC

Network for Good

New England Blacks in Philanthropy

Northern Trust

Ohio Faith-Based State of Ohio

Our First Priority

Pay It Forward Cincinnati

Pricewater Coopers

Pritzker Foundation

Radio One

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Rockefeller - Grantmakers for Girls of Color

Rosemary's Babies Company

Schwab Services

Scripps Howard Foundation


Swain Consulting, LLC

Sweets & Meats, LLC

Talking Rain Beverage Company

The Cincinnati Woman's Club

The Dayton Foundation

The Duke Energy Foundation

The Sweet Life of StephanieJ LLC

TIAA (Benefit from Robert Winslow Faaborg)

Toyota Foundation

United Way of Greater Cincinnati

UC Health

UC Health - West Chester

Waller Investments

Western & Southern Financial Fund

Williamson Media Group

YEA INC (Bridge Builders of Anchorage)

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority - Beta Zeta Zeta Chapter

Rose w money bag.jpg

Aaron Williams

Albert Maye

Alexis Frye

Alfreca Deen

Alicia Brandon

Alva Reid

Amanda Davis

Amanda Donelan

Amelia Orr

Amy Hartley

Amy Zimmerman

Andrace Deyampert

Andrea Bertels

Angel Wright

Angela Lipscomb

Anika Florence

Anitra Graise

Anne Flottman

Anne-Marie Minges

Annette Bacalja

Anthony Mitchell

Arienne Jackson

Aswad Mack

Audrey Sue

Betty Jones

Bithiah Carter

Brandi Stewart

Brenden Davis

Brendon Cull

Brice Brice

Camisha Chambers

Camille Jones

Carl and Debra Mcmullen

Carol Brandt

Carol Tonge Mack

Carol Wright

Caroline Currie

Caroline Morrison

CaShaun Bolden-Barwick

Chara Fisher Jackson

Chara Jackson

Chelsie Walter

Cherica Ramsey

Cheryl Cooper

Cheryl Harris

Cheryl Polote-Williamson

Chris Riley

Christopher and Lauren Nicholson

Claire Siegel Stewart

Colleen Grandison

Crystal Chambliss

Cynthia Ris

Danette Brown

Daniel Wright

Daniela Schulten

Danielle Howard

Danielle Ivory

Darby Dyesha

Daryl Figgs

Dave Giles

David Grau

Deborah Batty

Delano White

Dennis Riedmiller

Dionna Gray

Domonic Hopson

Donna Roberts

Dorrien Hinsey

Dustin Lewis

Dyesha Darby

Ed Thomas

Eddie Koen

Edward Babbitt

Edwin & Marjorie Boggs

Eileen Alexander

Eileen Reed

Elaine Michael

Elena Teran

Elizabeth Henderson

Elizabeth Tonxe


Eric Artis

Erica Bowen

Evan Baehr

Faith Cockrell

Franklin and Brenda Harris

Fred Roberson

Gail Hill

Ginny Rombold

Ginny Tallent

Gloria Oglesby

Gloria Samuel

Grant Thomas

Hadassah Yehudiyah

Hannah Geckle

Ian Prickel

Icy Williams

Jacinta Bonner

Jaime Love

Jaiye Raymond

Jamie Sivrais

Jana Caves

Janice Sanders

Jarrett Maiben

Jeff Woltz

Jeffery Neu

Jenny Berg

Jennifer Flynn

Jessica Wright

Jill Gaines

Jill Meyer

Joanne Hayes

Jodi Schroer

Joe and Elaine Bobbey

Joe Bobbey

Joe Calabrese

John Dias

John Torrence

Johnathan Barber

Jonathan Bradner

Joseph Hood

JoVonne Walker

K Nicole Allen

Karen and Robert Faaborg

Karen Bankston

Karen Bell

Kari Bloom

Kat Steiner

Kate Schroder

Kate Wiener

Katherine Neebe

Kathryn O'Malley

Kathy Stohr

Kathye Lewis Norman

Kayla Pinckley

Kelli Keith

Kelly Robbe

Kev Mag

Kevin Farmer

Kimberly Huckleby

Kimberly Mccray

Kimya Moyo

Kristen Bailey

Kristen Coleman

Laiyona Boyd

Larry and Julie Surles

Laurie Michelle

Laurie Stevens

Leah Bobbey

Lee Berry

Lelon Frazier

Lillie West

Linda Troy

Lois Mills

Maggie Gieseke

Marcella Moore

Margaret Mcquiston

Margaux Roberts

Mariette Wade

Mark Carlo

Mark Eppley

Mark Osborne

Marshell Belser

Mary Ann Stenson

Mary Carol Melton

Mary Grover

Mary Wineberg

Matt Lucien

Maya Edmerson

Megan Elicker

Melissa Wuske

Meryl Sherman

Mia Sanders

Michael and Peggie Mcquiston

Michann Brown

Michelle Lyles

Molly Conway Alvarez

Morag Adlon

Musa Campbell

Nancy Bevan

Nathan Waller

Nathaniel Snow

Ndate Fall

Nicole Sanders

Nyke Ervin

Olivia Adrienne

Pam Green

Patrice Stargell

Patricia Haggard

Patricia Mccollum

Paul Arizmendi

Pearl Breckenridge

Peg Moertl

Peggy Davis

Penny Pensak

Petals Oglesby-Henry

Phyllis Jeffers-Coly

Rachel Perry

Ranelle Huber

Renee Mahaffey-Harris

Rhonda Starghill

Richard Alexander

Richard Kelsay

Rick and Katie Schoeny

Rick Pack

Rickell Howard


Robert and Jackie Humphries

Robie Suggs

Ron Bizzle

Ronald Wilson

Rosemary Oglesby-Henry

Rosemary Thompson

Sandra Jones-Mitchell

Sara Sheets

Scott Priestle

Shannon Crutchfield

Shawnise Lewis

Sheretha Wooten

Sherry Donaworth

Stacy Mitchhart

Stephanie Borden

Stephanie Byrd

Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie Murray

Stevie Swain

T.J. and Sarah Mueller

Ta Da Welch

Takeanya Waples

Tammy Montgomery

Tanya Henderson

Tariq Stowe

Teresa Letsinger

Teryk Darks

Thom Speakman

Thomas Bhoolai

Thomas Sauer

Tiasia Cockrell

TiAsia Newton

Tiffany Russell

Tina Watson

Tira Michelle Williams

Tony Aloise

Tony Chambliss

Tony Williams

Toya Whitaker

Tracey Artis

Trenicka Williams

Vernell Little

Vincent and Noel Rey

Virginia Tallent

Wendell O'Neal

Wendy Beckman

Xaviera Edwards

Yolanda Keith

Yolanda Vest

Zadison Hall

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Rosemary's Babies Co. 

“I love Rosemary’s Babies Co. ! The staff is amazing, the events are great! Rosemary’s Babies is a wonderful program.” –Teryk, 20

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