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Casa Holloway

y centro de recursos


Un refugio seguro para las familias de padres adolescentes


Cuidado de la salud


Mortalidad infantil

Industria STEM / VAPOR


Educación más alta

Desarrollo de negocios

Vivienda / Personas sin hogar

Economía / Pobreza

Una inversión de impacto para nuestros donantes

¿Qué es Holloway House?

Holloway House & Resource Center es un sitio administrado para familias de padres adolescentes. La instalación proporcionará recursos comerciales y educativos, así como viviendas de transición, continuación de la atención, desarrollo de la fuerza laboral y abordará todas las necesidades relacionadas con los padres adolescentes en el Gran Cincinnati.

Supportive Housing es un sistema altamente integrado de arreglos de vivienda y servicios profesionales de administración de casos que brinda a las adolescentes embarazadas y / o con hijos un lugar seguro para vivir , acceso las 24 horas a adultos que se preocupan por ellos y conexiones a recursos comunitarios que brindan planes de responsabilidad compartida.

Este sistema ayuda a los padres jóvenes a desarrollar las habilidades necesarias para la vida y asegurar los recursos necesarios para mantener la vivienda durante la edad adulta. Los programas de vivienda de apoyo pueden ser más efectivos cuando los padres jóvenes dan forma y dirigen su futuro en asociación con los administradores de casos y otro personal clave.

Las siguientes inspecciones son necesarias:

We have purchased a site located at 3864 Reading Road in North Avondale. Our plan is to renovate this property to expand services and provide supportive housing for up to seven (7) teen moms and their babies. The facility will have 8 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, indoor & outdoor play areas, a state-of-the-art tech lab, multi-use work areas, a lactation room, and a wellness area. Three (3) private offices for lease. 


TEN (10) NEW JOBS will be created plus additional opportunities for contract positions pre and post-renovation. 

35% of all teen parents in Greater Cincinnati are  HOMELESS

Holloway House & Resource Center

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Who Will Be Served?

This property will serve teen parents ages 13-19 years of age of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, socioeconomics, political, and religious backgrounds. Supportive housing will serve teen moms

16-19 years old who are in foster care, homeless, emancipated, or who have been displaced by unforeseen circumstances.

CashApp | Venmo | Paypal: rosemarysbabiesco

Make checks payable to: Rosemary's Babies Co.  Mail: 4439 Reading Road #107 Cincinnati, Ohio 45229

El impacto


Why Should You Choose to Support RBC, why invest?

  • RBC is the Conduit for Changing the outlook

  • 100 Years of combined lived experience 

  • RBC is addressing the root cause to stop the generational cycles

  • RBC is the only organization in Greater Cincinnati addressing this population with 95% success in graduations, poverty prevention, and dual pregnancy reduction. 

Neighborhood Impact

  • Holloway House will be a catalyst to spur additional commercial redevelopment in North Avondale/Avondale.

  • Create jobs through commercial redevelopment pre & post-construction.

  • Restore a blighted property that is meaningful to the story of the neighborhood. 

Political & Community Impact

  • A reduction in high school dropouts adds a tax revenue of $260K per teen to the tri-state area. Resulting in a life tax revenue of $26M, per 100 teens served.

  • A reduction in dual pregnancies of 100 teen parents is a cost savings of $1.6M for the tri-state area.

  • Reduces the costs of emergency room visits, reduces dual pregnancies, and increases healthy pregnancies.

  • Addresses safety issues, pregnancy prevention, and poverty prevention.

Social justice & Public Health Crisis

  • RBC provides access to information to assist in prioritizing and accessing health. 

  • Reduces the additional support children experiencing homelessness will need due to lack of the stability and support necessary to succeed academically.

  • Reduces the risk of adolescent mothers becoming at risk for undesirable outcomes throughout their lives. This includes, inadvertently products of systemic conditions such as generational poverty; racial and gender inequality; wage gaps; decreased access to healthcare (medical, mental, and reproductive healthcare), under-resourced schools; unsafe and unclean living environments; and more.

How Can I Help?


$500 or $1,000  

or another amount.

(Installments up to three years).


services, support, supplies i.e

painting, decor, drywall, electronics, office equipment

Friend-raising: Host an online or in-person event, FB Birthday Fundraiser, Contact us for more options.

Legacy| Naming Rights: Sponsor, endowment, matching gifts


Help Change the Outlook for Teen Parents


  • Twin sized beds

  • White Linens, bedding, pillows

  • Crib Mattresses sheets

  • Twin Size Comforter Sets (green, yellow, gray)

  • Commercial Pots and Pans

  • Silverware sets

  • Dishware sets

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Tide & Dreft Detergent

  • Hygiene Products

  • Small appliances

  • Small Power Tools

Donate Services

  • Labor (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, lawn care, etc.)

  • Supplies: Paint, tools, lawn care supplies, etc.

Holloway House & Resource Center will be housing 7 teenage parents and their babies. We need your help with supplies during their stay.



State of Ohio (Capital Budget)

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

(Naming Sponsor)

Williamson Media Group

(Naming Sponsor)


United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Marge Schott Foundation

Semaje & Megan Perine


Interact for Health


Swain Consulting

Beverly Grant

Koch Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. T J Mueller 


bi3 2.jpg

Project Supporters 

Organizations | Partners| Businesses


Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Healthcare Access Now

EvenFlo Feeding

Avondale Development Corporation

Avondale Community Council

DSD Advisors

The Rubel Family

The Habegger Company

Community Leaders

Shannon Crutchfield, Coldwell Banker

Dr. Odell Owens

Gloria Samuel, VP

Kat Steiner, VP

Ronald Bryant, President

Tony Aloise, CEO

Reginald Harris, VP

Ross Meyer, VP

Rob Reifsnyder

Laurie Pike

Tara Rousch

Kate Schroeder

& More

Thank you so much for supporting Rosemary's Babies Co. as we worked to acquire the property in Avondale/N. Avondale located at 3864 Reading Road Cincinnati Ohio 45229 aka Rupel House. Excitedly, we would like to announce we finally closed on the property on June 27, 2022. 


We are working to open our doors in Winter 2023. 


Here you can find information about our project and our Good Neighbor Pledge presented on behalf of Rosemary's Babies Co.  to the Avondale/N. Avondale Community.  We intend to be the best neighbors to our community.  We look forward to working with you as we now begin Phase II - Renovation- Almost Home. 

Good Neighbor Pledge

It's A Beautiful Day in Our Neighborhood
The Latest News | Updates | Ways to Connect to RBC | Feedback
Updated by NA/Avondale Liaison


Dear Friends and future neighbors,

Our goal is to provide transparency regarding the Rubel House property acquisition and renovation. Our goal is to be a good neighbor. To ensure we are doing this we plan to attend meetings, inform the community of RBC events, and attend local events. We invite you to ask questions, provide feedback, or work collaboratively with our organization to ensure the community's success. 

For your convenience, and to ensure transparency, you can access our communications with the community at the links below. We invite you to contact us with your questions by contacting me at     



July 19           Presented Avondale with Good Neighbor Pledge

July 12           Presented North Avondale with Good Neighbor Pledge

May 22            NANA RESOLUTIONS vote against RBC

May 2            Community Public Comment via Zoom 7 pm

                        Frequently Asked Questions | Slide Deck

Mar. 26. 22     Tea, Tours & Togetherness

Oct.1.21            RBC Public Response to The Port Decision

Sep.14.21         Update to NAJSDC

Aug.17.21         Update to NAJSDC

Apr.06.21        Update to NAJSDC

Apr.06.21        Revised Proposal for HH Project

Feb.01.21         Multiple Communications to NANA

Nov.14.20        Neighborhood Question Response

Sep. 08.20       Preliminary HH Proposal

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