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LEGACY is how you live and what you leave behind - R. Oglesby-Henry

Contacting Rosemary's Babies

A teen parent, advocate or parent of a teen parent can refer a teen to our program via our website, text/call (513.813.8336), or via any social media platform.We only serve teen parents who will be caregivers for their babies. A referral can be made before or after your baby is born. We recommend contacting RBC when a determination is made that the teen will be parenting and the primary caregiver for the child.

Our Services

Once we are contacted we will access your need. This can be done virtually or in-person. Based on your need we will determine if you provisionally qualify for our Leadership & Legacy Program

24/7 Confidant Care

RBC stays conneted 24/7 to provide virtual support for young parents and families. There is no cost and teens can contact us as often as needed.

Leadership & Program

Direct 1:1 support for the entire family. One year commitment, assessment and family interview required.

Petals Pantry

With our pantry we are able to provide emergency car seats for teens who are unable to leave the hospital; as well as other resources for program participants​

The Leadership & Legacy Program

​ The Leadership & Legacy Program is our teen parent & family support program that provides a leadership pathway through mentoring. These 1:1 Confidantes, who themselves were teen parents, support teen parents and their family as a Confidant.  A Confidant is your family's mentor, coach and friend who supports you with developing "Your Plan for Your Journey."

By providing family support to three generations: the teen parent, parent and the child, we change the trajectory for the entire family. We focus on core areas: mental & physical health including behaviors, education and money management. 

Tools for Your Journey

We provide our Petals With Purpose tools to support them through our Leadership & Legacy Program

The L & L Program teaches teen parents to master the positive concepts of self-leadership as well as transferrable skills that can be passed down to their legacies breaking generational barriers. Additionally early learning and educational tools are provided to support growth and development for you and your baby.

The Plan

The Plan is the road map for a teen parent's journey. This individualized plan focuses on two-tiered goals for the teen parent and the family. Goals range from short term to long-term. We rely on our strategic partners to implement supportive services virtual and in-person. The plan includes providing a tablet to each family with specific support for the family.

RBC Hub: A Space Teen Parents Chill

RBC opened our new office in March 2019.  This space provides a place teen parents and their babies can go to get self-care and supportive services.  There is a television, area for baby, lactation area, lunch, wi-fi, computers and more. 

P. E. T. A. L (S)

RBC focuses on the following core areas: Parenting, Education, Technology, Arts, Leadership and Social determinants. 

Through our Leadership & Legacy Program we evaluate young parents based on interest and need, we then place teen parents on a track that supports their interest in one or more of the following areas. If available, we match a Confidante from the interest area as well. 


Levi The Leadership Lion is our anthropomorphic lion used to educate and introduce children to STEM, arts and leadership at the earliest stages of development children ages 0-12 years.  Coming 2019

Program Outcomes

  • Healthy transition from childhood to parenthood

  • Increase income

  • Increase graduation rates

  • Healthier lives mentally & physically 

  • Increase understanding of their responsibility for the care and well-being of their child and their futures

  • Introduce children to stem at the earliest stage of development

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